Flameless LED Candle – Great for Your Home Décor

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Candles are an integral part of the décor for many homes. A modern alternative to the traditional wick candle is the flameless LED candle. A flameless LED candle is an electronic candle that looks like a wick candle, except an embedded LED light bulb within the wax, and a battery pack at the bottom of the candle. Since there are no open flames in this type of candle, flameless LED candles are known to be a safe alternative to the wick candle. In comparing the flameless LED candle to a wick candle, you can see that there are many benefits in integrating a flameless LED candle into your décor.
  1. Safety: a flameless candle is illuminated by an LED light. There are no open flames or melting wax in a flameless candle, making it safe for families with children or pets, or even in residences and senior homes. A major cause of home fires is burning candles: unattended candles, burning candles close to furniture, clothing, curtains, etc., or any candles within the reach of children and pets can cause a candle fire. Apart from human error, there could be design flaws in a candle that can lead to intense heat and the wax, or things around the candle, catching fire. This risk is eliminated in a flameless candle.
  2. Appearance: a flameless candle essentially looks like a traditional wick candle. Many flameless candles are now made from real wax to give you the look and the feel of a wick candle. In addition, the LED bulb in some of the quality flameless candles also gives off a flickering glow much like a wick candle. Flameless candles come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. You can choose these candles based on what would most suit your home décor.
  3. Functionality: a flameless candle has the same functionality as a wick candle. It can set the ambiance that you need by providing the same cozy and warm feeling as a traditional candle. Flameless candles may even be scented, or decorated with dried flowers, sparkles, and ribbons to suit the décor needs of homeowners. This cannot be more evident than during Christmas when beautifully decorated flameless LED candles are available in the market.
  4. Eco-Friendly: flameless LED candles are eco-friendly. They are smoke-free and last longer than a traditional wick candle. With a run time of anywhere between  up to 3,000 hours, depending on the batteries required by the candle, a flameless LED lasts much longer. Also, since the LED bulb does not produce enough heat to melt the wax around it, a flameless candle doesn’t create a mess.
There are many reasons to replace the traditional wick candle in your home décor with a flameless LED candle. With safety being the number one reason people have switched over to a flameless candle, other reasons are simply that a flameless candle looks no different than a wick candle and offers the same functionality. A flameless LED candle also lasts much longer than a traditional wick candle and can be cost-efficient in the long run. By switching over from a traditional wick candle to a flameless LED candle, you will have peace of mind and enjoy great convenience features, like timers and remote controls.
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